My Story

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Cheers,   Monica

"All the World's a Stage"... and my chairs are my characters.

I recreate and reincarnate each piece of furniture to give it soul. Every piece is unique.

More Chairs are being born everyday, and they are being placed in loving homes.

In a nutshell~

My entire artistic life has led to this. For me, it’s always been about fabric and design. I learned to sew when I was a little girl. This passion for clothing and textiles led to a degree in theater arts and costume design (and also to off Broadway productions). As an adventurous twenty-something, I traveled extensively around the US and Europe where I fell in love with other cultures, architecture and art. 

Two amazing kids would soon follow and I discovered that children’s clothes are a blast to design! During this time, I also started a company manufacturing a home decorating product.

But in 2016, it all came together~

I put my heart & soul into each chair I design. I get to know the chair before I start a new project. It can take weeks and sometimes months to design one chair. I choose each chair very carefully. Fabrics and adornments come from all over the world. I employ Artisans that have worked many years perfecting their craft. The result is a fabulous one-of-a-kind "chair with soul".

I am always designing new chairs

~I found my bliss~


What’s Next?

In 2014, I lost my father to cancer and found myself on a profound spiritual journey. Everything about this experience was life changing. It was a gift. It also became clear that I wanted to help people celebrate loved ones that have passed.

After clearing out my father’s house, I acquired some beautiful, but old chairs that really needed some love. I looked at them for some time and got to know them. Each of these chairs has a unique personality and it was at this moment that I decided to bring them all back to life.

Being true to my nature, I didn't take this project on in an ordinary way. I was going to make a real masterpiece, a true homage to my dad. I wanted to incorporate elements of his life in these chairs, capture his powerful personality, and feel his presence when I sat in them.

I love finding creative ways to help clients celebrate their loved ones by including unique, personal ideas into my chair designs. Sitting in these chairs is like getting a great big hug!


Monica Cortright Designs~