Lights, Camera, Action!

New York:  Interview with Harry Belafonte for the Documentary,  Sullivision- Ed Sullivan and The Struggle for Civil Rights.

Monica Cortright Designs

are featured at 'The Seasoned Olive' in Baltimore in Fells Point on the square, next to Jimmies.

Musings & Testamonials

My gift to myself.

This is my chaise

I designed for

meditation & reading.

This is my happy place.


             Custom Designed Name Tags

Each chair has a name and a custom embroidered

              name tag with the year it was born.

Life is Good.

I found my bliss.

I put my Heart & Soul into creating each chair. It sounds crazy but it's hard to actually sell and deliver a chair. I get attached to each piece of furniture. This is what it must feel like when someone paints a canvas or carves a form from stone and brings an idea to life,  then you set it free. I never thought of art from this perspective before. I have sold many things I have made over the years but my chairs are different. Each one has a story. I watch each piece come to life, again.

I believe in reincarnation. M~

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